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Organizing fundraising games at your charity golf tournament is a great way to engage participants and raise more money for your cause.

Here are 10 popular and easy to organize games to maximize support for your charity.

1. Mulligans.

A mulligan is basically a “do over.” If a golfer plays a bad shot, they can use “a mulligan” and re-do the bad shot.

Your tournament can sell mulligans to players, allowing them to retake a shot. This can be a straightforward and popular way to raise funds. Typically tournament organizers charge $5.00 per mulligan.

2. Closest -to-the-Pin Contest ( also called “KP”).

Set up a par-3 hole and offer prizes for the players who hit their ball closest to the pin. Participants can buy entries for multiple attempts.

3. Longest Drive Competition.

Similar to the closest-to-the-pin contest, you can offer prizes for the longest drive on a designated hole. The drive must land and stop on the fairway!

4. Putting Contest.

Set up a putting green, and charge players for the opportunity to compete for prizes by sinking long putts.

$10.00 for 3 putting attempts is a benchmark for fundraising.

5. Hole-in-One Challenge.

Arrange for a hole-in-one prize (like a car or vacation) and charge players for the chance to win it with a single shot. There are a multitude of companies that sell Hole in One Insurance.

6. Beat the Pro.

Bring in a professional golfer to a designated hole ( usually a par 3), and players can pay to take a shot and try to outperform the pro. If they succeed, they win a prize. Typically a sleeve of golf balls, a free golf glove, etc.

7. Golf Ball Drop.

Sell numbered golf balls and drop them from a helicopter or a high platform onto the course. The ball closest to a designated target wins a prize.

8. Silent Auction.

Set up a silent auction with golf-related items, experiences, or other donated goods and services. Ask local businesses for products or services they are willing to donate. Participants can place bids throughout the event.

9. 50/50 Raffle.

Sell raffle tickets, and the winner gets half of the total ticket sales, while the other half goes to your charity.

10. Grenades.

Most golfers have extreme difficulty with getting their golf ball out of one of the many sand traps found on a typical golf course. You can sell what are known as “grenades”.

A golfer can buy a grenade (or multiple grenades) and if they get caught in a sand trap, they can use one of their “grenades” to actually throw the golf ball out of the sand trap – saving strokes and possibly a lower score!

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Peter Ruzyski is the founder and VP of Sales for Millennium Logo Glove. Peter has provided MLG branded gloves to over 3000 tournaments in 7 countries.

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Peter Ruzyski

Peter Ruzyski
VP of Sales, Millennium Logo Glove