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How long has Millennium Logo Golf been in business?

We have been providing custom branded golf gloves to businesses and tournaments since 2004.

What brand are your golf gloves?

Our golf gloves are manufactured by the same manufacturers that produce for some of the top brand names. Due to the fact that all of our gloves are custom logoed, it is fair to say that they are your brand!

How does the quality of MLG gloves compare to other top brands?

Our gloves are manufactured from 100% cabretta leather and (synthetic leather in some cases). Our golf gloves are manufactured by one of the highest profile golf glove manufacturing facilities in the world – the same facilities that produce for most of the widely known” brand” names.

What is your turnaround?

We can have your gloves shipped to you within 21 days from the approval of your artwork. Express orders are possible and generally  fulfilled within seven days, upon special request.

What is your warranty?

If a glove or accessory is ever found to be defective, it is replaced – no questions asked.

What is the setup/design fee for a logoed golf glove order?

The setup and design fee is $49.95.

What is your minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order is 50 gloves.

What if I have no idea what sizes to order to fit our players at the tourney. How do we order?

With the Millennium Tournament Glove Program, all sizing issues are eliminated. Please click on the following link for a full explanation here.

What methods of payment are accepted?

We accept checks, all major credit cards and as well purchase orders.

With the Millennium Tournament Glove Program, you ship extra gloves for fitting purposes and the balance of the unused gloves are returned. Do we pay upfront for all of the gloves that you ship?

We ship extra gloves to make sure every player gets the perfect fit. We will refund you for the gloves shipped back to us, once the gloves are received and counted at our office.


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