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Want to Get Your Brand Noticed and Provide Maximum Impact With Your Clients?
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Your Golf Branding Solution

We Fix Branding Problems!

As branded golf marketing experts, we know what you have been searching for. What golf product is actually worthy of your company’s logo? It’s not another sleeve of golf balls or another golf towel or any other unoriginal golf items that provide you with zero branding value!

Quality and your company image mean everything to you. You differentiate and separate yourself from your competitors. Unlike your competitors, you invest in excellence in your people, and in everything you do. You don’t cheap out on quality! That’s for the amateurs.

Explore the pride and convenience of providing your cherished clients with your Company’s premium golf glove and gift sets.

The next big thing is here! We’ll make you stand out from the rest for a lot less than you dreamed possible!

Our Custom Golf
Branding solutions

Multiply Your Company’s Golf Branding Power
Choose from our world-class quality custom-branded gloves or industry-leading gift sets. A gift item for every customer, client, staff member or VIP.

Acufit Custom Golf Glove


Acufit Golf Glove

Your Company’s very own private branded golf glove. A perfect handout for getting you remembered with your valued customers and prospects.

Presidents Executive Gift Sets

Gift Sets

Presidents Executive Gift Sets

The ultimate luxury golf gift for your best clients, includes a custom imprinted gift box and a custom branded accessory package.


Golf Gift Packaging

Make a great first impression when presenting your gift item to your clients. All packages are custom printed to your specifications.


FITS 90% of Golfers


Your logo is a detachable ball marker!

  • Your company’s ball marker is magnetically attached to the flap of the glove.
  • Your logo will be seen and interacted with at least 18X for every round of golf the golfer plays- usually over 200+ times over the life of the glove.
  • BRANDING 100% 100%
  • DURABILITY 95% 95%

Golf Gift Packaging

When it comes to gifting, the packaging is everything!

In addition to the long term branding power of a promotional item, its just as important to make a great first impression when presenting your gift item. If your gift item does not make your client’s jaw drop, your gift item is not fulfilling its job. All the Presidents package gift boxes are designed and custom printed to your specifications.

We can personalize the gift sets to reflect a personalized message from:


The Sales Department

Different Branches

Different Stores


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