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3 talking points to secure high-end golf glove sponsorships

I’ve been on the receiving end of more than a few panicked calls …usually in the Spring…from event planners scrambling to secure Sponsors for their fundraising tournament.

Sponsors provide vital financial and promotional support that attracts players and creates positive experiences for everyone.

The problem is that companies are constantly approached by charities looking for their support. The key to securing new sponsors and getting existing sponsors to come back year after year involves more than just branding opportunities. You need to show networking potential, positive association with the charitable efforts and unique gifts that align with the event’s theme and audience.

MLG has been helping clients secure golf glove sponsors for over 16 years. Here are 3 proven talking points that will help you secure a glove sponsor for your charity event.

1. Interact with players who experience your brand.

The golf tournament organizer welcomes the player

Your Sponsors will appreciate opportunities to connect with influential individuals. By sponsoring and attending golf industry events, sponsors have the opportunity to network and develop positive associations with your event’s charitable efforts.

Talking Point #1:

Rather than just adding your logo to a typical golf gift, what if we created a gifting experience where you can personally interact with each player and every player experiences your brand first-hand?

Imagine each tournament player being greeted at check-in by your company rep who fits them with your custom-branded golf glove. Talk about a hands-on way to network!!

2. Get social!

Sponsoring a charity golf tournament demonstrates a company’s commitment to an important social cause and the local community. This goodwill creates positive associations that enhance your Sponsor’s reputation…and makes for great social media content.

Talking Point #2:

Picture fist pumps and high fives of players sporting your custom-branded golf gloves all day long. Your golf gloves will create a fun atmosphere and provide great photo opps for event organizers and your own social media channels.

4 golf gloves with removable logo

3. Become the Sponsor that players can’t wait to wear!

Who really needs another branded golf towel? Golf is a prestigious sport played by people who appreciate quality. Providing sponsors with a premium gift allows them to showcase their support while also giving participants a practical item they will use …and even look forward to receiving the next year.

Talking Point #3

Golf gloves get noticed …and worn all day and for 200+ rounds of golf thereafter. You are guaranteed to be the talk of the tourney. But don’t just believe us…Kathi Kearney organizes the annual Drive to Cure Diabetes Charity Golf Tourney. She’s been gifting MLG golf gloves every year for ten years!

I cannot tell you how many of our golfers, many who have attended all ten years, cannot wait for their yearly logo glove. The look on our golfers’ faces (those new to us) tells it all when they gasp in amazement at the beautiful golf glove and ball marker they receive as a gift.
Kathi Kearney

Drive to Cure Diabetes

Goodbye Spring panic call.

Peter Ruzyski is the founder and VP of Sales for Millennium Logo Glove. Peter has provided MLG branded gloves to over 3000 tournaments in 7 countries.

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Peter Ruzyski

Peter Ruzyski
VP of Sales, Millennium Logo Glove