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8 tips to guide your gifting

Organizing a charity golf tournament involves numerous tasks. One of the most important decisions is the selection of a welcome gift for players. Your choice of gift can set the tone for the tournament and leave a lasting impression with golfers.

Here are 8 attributes to consider when choosing a charity golf tournament welcome gift.

golf glove

1. Practicality

Look for a gift that’s practical and useful for golfers. Pick something they WILL ACTUALLY USE! Think about items like golf gloves, divot tools, or golf accessory sets. These are not only appreciated by players, but are functional on the course.

2. Customization

A personalized touch adds a sense of exclusivity. Choose items that can be customized with the tournament OR SPONSOR’s logo. This creates a memorable golf tournament gift that will trigger positive feelings about your cause and your sponsor.

golf tool

3. Durability

I strongly recommend opting for high-quality items that can withstand the rigors of the game. Durable gifts are a testament to your commitment to quality, reflecting positively on your cause and sponsor. Plus long lasting items can be used (and seen) for years after your tournament.

golf tournament welcome gift

4. Relevance

A charity golf tournament welcome gift should resonate with golfers. Keep in mind that players will be heading out to the course and may not want to head back to the car to unload a large gift. Small gifts directly related to the sport are best so they can be used right away or tucked in a golf bag.

5. Brand Visibility

Consider items that prominently display your tournament’s branding. MLG golf gloves with detachable ball markers boost your event’s visibility long after your tournament’s conclusion!

6. Versatility

Select gifts that appeal to a wide range of golfers. Think about gender-neutral items like custom golf gloves, water bottles, birdie glasses, and non-breakable stylish mugs.

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7. Emotional Connection

Your ideal welcome gift should evoke positive emotions. It should be something that participants will appreciate and remember long after the tournament ends. It also needs to be UNIQUE!

custom golf gloves

8. Fundraising Potential

If your goal includes raising additional funds for your charity, consider gifts that can be sold as a sponsorship opportunity.

MLG’s custom golf gloves, for example, can be sponsored by local businesses. Each glove features your sponsor’s logo AND your sponsor meets every player as they are sized up on-the-spot! A WIN-WIN way of adding to your fundraising efforts.

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Peter Ruzyski is the founder and VP of Sales for Millennium Logo Glove. Peter has provided MLG branded gloves to over 3000 tournaments in 7 countries.

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Peter Ruzyski

Peter Ruzyski
VP of Sales, Millennium Logo Glove