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Is finding a sponsor for your charity golf tournament “not your cup of tee”?

Even veteran event planners dread cold-calling companies. And potential sponsors dread it too! Not because they are cheap or don’t care about your charity. But because they can’t see the return on their investment.

This year can be different.

After 16 years with Millennium Logo Glove, I know the industries most likely to sponsor golf glove gifts. And I know how to package up your offering with tangible benefits that hook sponsors on the first call.

In this blog, you’ll get a list of industries to approach and the right outreach messaging to use.

Before I get to the list…here’s my #1 tip for avoiding the rough…
Plan your golf tournament sponsorship strategy at least 6 months in advance. This avoids the panic, desperation and dreaded words “What gift are we going to provide our players this year!!!!

Looking for sponsors a few weeks before a tourney is stress you don’t need. Six months before your tourney, work with your committee to identify your tourney’s sponsorship levels. Discuss who is approaching who and what exposure each sponsor receives before, during and after the event. I highly recommend doing this ground work before starting any sponsorship outreach.

Once you have an overall sponsorship strategy in place, you can get started finding a golf glove sponsor.

Step 1: Get Surgical

Rather than a spray and pray approach, get surgical. Identify the types of companies WHO WANT TO CONNECT with YOUR players.

Automotive dealerships should be #1 on every list.
Auto dealers immediately see the benefits of having their salespeople on site welcoming and fitting players with their custom branded golf gloves.

Real Story:

Every year for over a decade I have exhibited at the National Automotive Dealers Association Conference. This is a conference that attracts automotive dealer principles all across North America and the world.

I have had well over 1000 conversations with these folks and each automotive dealer will typically sponsor at least a dozen golf tournaments a year.

When I tell them how they can…

  • send a sales rep to the tournament and meet all the tournament’s players
  • fit each player with a golf glove and discuss what kind of car they drive
  • see their automobile and dealership logo on 144 new prospects’ hands for months after the tournament

…the response is overwhelming.

Automotive dealers are one of your best “prospects” for attracting a golf gloves sponsor!

golf gloves

Three other industries that regularly sponsor golf gloves are…

Financial Services

Banks, investment firms, insurance companies, and financial technology companies are looking for innovative ways to enhance their brand visibility and engage with potential clients. Our golf glove gifting program is an effective and informal way to reach an affluent and lifestyle-oriented audience.

Real Estate and Property Development

From my experience, developers, real estate agencies, and construction companies want to connect with a typical golfer’s demographic so will be interested in sponsoring golf gloves.

Technology and Telecommunications

Tech companies, especially those with an interest in sports-related apps, gadgets, or services, find golf tournaments sponsorship opportunities attractive.

Request a FREE sample kit. We’ll create a package with four of your top potential sponsors’ logos – so you have a custom glove to show potential sponsors.

Step 2: Develop Your Package.

Now that you have a list of companies to reach out to, start working on your package. Don’t worry. You don’t have to develop a package from scratch. We’ve done most of the work for you.

Unlock Your FREE Sponsorship Vaultfor everything you need to create a tailored golf glove sponsorship package.

Play with our profit calculator to get a sense of how much you can raise from golf glove sponsored gifts.

Step 3: Start Your Outreach.

Sending a generic email to a bunch of potential sponsors is one tactic (that I don’t recommend). Spend a little more time and tailor your message to the appropriate person within the company. Start by mentioning a mutual connection you share, or a positive customer service experience you’ve had.

You can use this email copy or get more Sponsorship Request Email templates in our vault of assets.

The key to securing a premium sponsor is concisely positioning the value you are bringing to their business so your sponsor can make a decision quickly. And you can cross “gifts” off your list!

Need a hand with your Sponsorship Strategy? My advice is free! Book a Call.

Peter Ruzyski is the founder and VP of Sales for Millennium Logo Glove. Peter has provided MLG branded gloves to over 3000 tournaments in 7 countries.

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Peter Ruzyski

Peter Ruzyski
VP of Sales, Millennium Logo Glove